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Research Data Repository (RDR) is a federated and multidisciplinary data repository for the publication of FAIR datasets following the EOSC guidelines, used by the Catalan universities, CERCA research centers and other research entities.

RDR aims at increasing the efficiency and transparency of research through a rapid dissemination of the research datasets, facilitating the reuse of these datasets at the same time. Indeed, RDR brings together a series of technical features with the following benefits for participants:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the funding agencies.
  • Data are stored on servers in Catalonia.
  • Storage up to 10 GB is allowed by default. For larger sets, a special request is required.
  • The FAIRness of datasets increases with the help of the data curators of each institution.
  • The rights of publishing, custody and dissemination of the dataset belong to researchers and their institution.
  • The repository allows the management of data and access control to authorized users.
  • Datasets have a unique DOI to which the author can link its ORCID.
  • Metadata are findable in other portals such as EOSC, OpenAIRE, RECOLECTA and Google.
  • Datasets versioning, and files are transformed into open and preservation formats.
  • CC0 license is assigned by default. However, any other Creative Commons license can be used to attribute the work.
  • Data preservation for at least 10 years.

RDR works with the open source Dataverse software, developed by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, which allows users to store datasets while displaying descriptive metadata and allowing the corresponding files to be downloaded. The Dataverse software is widely used around the world, with users in Europe such as DataverseNO, in Norway; DataverseNL, in the Netherlands; CROSSDA, in Croatia; or e-CienciaDatos, in Spain.

(Research Data Repository)