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For a correct research data management, it is necessary to plan from the beginning of the project how research data will be collected, processed, stored, published, and reused in a Data Management Plan or DMP.

The DMP is a living document that, based on specific questions regarding the collection and analysis of data, describes how the project data will be managed and organized.

CORA.eiNa DMP is an online and free of cost tool designed to write DMPs for the different funding bodies or collectives, consult the associated guides, collaborate with other researchers by setting share DMPs permissions to read, write or co-Admin, request the review of a DMP by the service on Data Management Support of your university, and export the DMPs in different formats before submission.

Watch the following video to learn more about how CORA.eiNa DMP works:

For PhD students, watch the following video:

Data Management Plans (eiNa DMP)